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Rohini –Spisoh co-founder is an immigrant woman from India who has been living in Stavanger for many years and has been unemployed for a long time. A trip to India during the 2nd wave of COVID gave her an opportunity to observe and experience ghost kitchens which are prominent in Kerala and food delivery apps closely from a customer point of view. She knew Stavanger was missing South Indian cuisine and she wanted to bring it here in the form of a ghost kitchen.

Her supportive foodie friends – Raghu – an engineering specialist and Nitish – a strategist in an oil and gas company joined hands to make her vision a reality. Their IT understanding, solid network and operational expertise made her dream a reality in under 3 months’ time.

Authentic South Indian cuisine is characterized by curries of soup like consistency and ample use of coconut in curries. Porotta is special flaky bread introduced by Spisoh into Stavanger – which is the bread of choice for at least 120 million people in South India and Srilanka. Spisoh has designed its menu by giving the South Indian traditional cuisine a European twist. We have deliberately kept more vegetarian options in our menu not only to satisfy the growing vegetarian population but also as our commitment to the environment.

Spisoh’s short term vision is to promote sustainability by reducing the food wastage. We plan to incentivize our customers who are willing to pre-book their dinner one day ahead. This helps us plan the food production in advance and reduce waste. We also want to incentivize people who bring their own containers to pick up their food – this is to reduce the use of single use containers prevalent in the food service industry. Already two of our customers have piloted this concept. We are working on the details and logistics of both these solutions.

Our long-term vision is to train and employ differently abeld people into our operations. We want to make our workplace and inclusive arena where we will deliver an excellent food experience to our customers as a habitual action.

Spisoh is a restaurant that has no storefront as well as no dining area at the moment and offers only take away. We are working to create a memorable dining experience for our customers, who can choose to pickup the food themselves or get it delivered at the doorstep through our partners wolt and foodora.

We are passionate foodies, who have eaten a lot and have gone through a lot together. We know the value of real human connection when it comes to food.

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