Catering for your special event

Are you planning a party or organizing a lunch? Treating some guests at home or setting up a celebration in the office? 

We have some great ideas for the food, so we have launched our own catering service.

Customize the menu, the ingredients, the flavours and the portions to precisely what you need to make your celebration a resounding success. 

Consultative Approach

We work with you to plan the menu and decide the portions, the dishes and the flavours. This way you order only how much you need, and the guests are happy with the flavours and portions. We are very conscious of food waste and try our best to make sure any wastage is minimal

Convenient Packaging

We deliver everything in immaculate packaging to make sure that the flavours are sealed in and the food is as fresh and tasty as it was when we made it. We make sure it can be transported without any worry so that the party goes off without a hitch. 

Tell us about your event

Please enter in dd/mm/yyyy format and whether it is a Lunch or Dinner event.
Please choose the type of event
Please choose the approximate number of people who will be attending your event.
Please choose the approximate budget per person
Please specify the type of food, allergens, veganer, vegetar, spicelevel etc
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